Tech Tasks

Tech Task #1


Tech Task #2

5 Lessons found with SMART Exchange I would use in my classroom:

Bohr and Lewis Diagrams 

Atoms & Elements

Nuclear Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Calculations Tool/Unit Cancellation

My Chemistry 20 Lesson using SMART Notebook

Chem 20 Unit 1 Lesson


Tech Task #3

Please see the following link for my presentation using sliderocket on Poll Everywhere Web Tool 2.0.

Poll Everywhere Presentation


Tech Task #4

My Online Learning Experience (full text version):

Last Wednesday we used a chatroom as an entire class as well as Skyped in individual groups to work on an assignment on Google drive.  I actually really liked having the class on the chatroom and via Skype as opposed to just sitting down by myself on Wednesday mornings and sifting through the material for the day.  The chatroom was cool because Milissa could address the whole class and for what we needed it for, we didn’t really need to respond, so one-way communication was fine.  I liked the chat box in the corner where we could type anything if necessary though.  The Skype calling worked for the most part…one of my group members never did sign in, but as far as connection and background noise, everything worked quite well.  I really liked having my group on Skype while we were working on the article reviews.  Being able to all type on the same document at the same time was a very neat, collaborative tool I found very practical for using with students in the future.  One of the main reasons I don’t like Wednesday classes as good as Monday is because I have no one to ask (in person) about the task at hand, but with my group on Skype, I could ask them anything right then and there!


Tech Task #5

Since my Web Tool 2.0 I presented for Tech Task #4 was Poll Everywhere, I decided to learn how to use Prezi and make a Prezi presentation to share my thoughts on using handheld devices in the classroom.

Handheld Devices for Teaching & Learning


Tech Task #6 

Science 10 Lesson Plan

Voki for the Lesson:

Science 10 lesson 1  Science 10 lesson 2

Handout to accompany Lesson Plan:

Science 10 handout


Tech Task #7 

Science 10 Lesson Plan

Science 10 lessonB  Science 10 lessonB1


Tech Task #8

Mindmeister presentation


3 thoughts on “Tech Tasks

  1. Hey thanks for the presentation on Poll Everywhere. What a cool application, I think it is an amazing way to engage students in any learning process. Whether it be for general feedback but also for assessment.

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