Teaching Resources on Twitter!

Over the course of this semester, I have began using Twitter more and more and now I follow a few different educators/teaching resources I think will be a big help in my future.  I would just like to share a few with you and if anyone has others that they follow, they can comment on this post!

  • PE Scholar posts physical education news, lessons, unit plans, workouts, etc.  Here is a couple I might use in my future PE class:  Stunts & Tumbling Buffet  ,  Track & Field – Sprints and Jumps Circuit
  • Michelle Morley – tweets the latest in digital resources including presentations, good apps, professional development tools, web tools, current articles, etc.  Here is a useful article she tweeted:  4 Ways we can Connect with Parents
  • tes Teaching Resources – Twitter and Pinterest page connected where they have over 100 boards of education topics you can find pins for.  Lesson plans, behaviour management strategies, interactive activities, and so much more.  Visit their Pinterest board:  TES Teaching Resources
  • NatSciTeachAssoc @ NSTA.  The National Science Teachers Association: promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.  They tweet things at more of a national level and keep science teachers up to date with what is going on in science.  I would classify this as a place to inform teachers and maybe get some ideas, but I haven’t come across ready-to-use lessons.
  • WIRED Science – Science, space, energy and robot sharks with lasers. Hosted by the Wired Science team.  A lot of current, neat things that are going on in the world of science.  Visit:  WIRED Science

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