What Makes a Great Education Blog

mr averys blogThis classroom blog is a 6th grade class from Massachusetts and uses edublogs.  It was nominated Best Class Blog in 2001 and Best Educational Wiki in 2011.  This is a great blog because it is organized by tabs at the top.  If you click on the About tab, you can see many letters that have been written to Mr. Avery from students and other teachers all over the world who are networking with this classroom blog.  There is a tab at the top that is entitled Blog Guidelines that directly addresses what is expected of the students and guidelines to follow when they are posting.  Digital citizenship at it’s finest!  I am amazed at how updated this blog is kept and how much information is on it.  There are also side links to Mr. Avery’s classroom wiki, Global Connection, blogs he follows, twitter and much more!  This is a very project-based classroom blog it seems like with projects spanning from using instagram, chromebooks, global project, U.S. currency project, U.S. landmarks tours, and genius hour projects.


miss cassidys blog

Wow!  This is a classroom blog of a grade one classroom in Moose Jaw, SK.  I am so surprised that all the students have their own individual blog as well!  That is impressive that these students are developing those skills so young.  I guess it is never too early to start teaching them this sort of thing?  I like the way this blog is set up because it has the current news feed of what they are doing in the classroom, with links to more pictures and videos.  At the side, there are links to the class’s Twitter account, classes they learn with, parents section, and places they learn.  This is a pretty neat idea in that the parents can always know what their children are doing at school and what projects their kids are working on.  One thing that I am assuming would have to be run by the parents is the use of their child’s pictures and work on the internet?  _____________________________________________________________________________________________


You can check out Cole’s blog by clicking on the screenshot I have included.  Cole is a first year teacher who just finished his internship in December 2012.  He landed a job in Estevan while he is finishing up his last university class.  I think his blog is a great resource for myself (as he is one of my classmates) because he posts what he is currently trying in his classroom, what has worked and what has not, lessons he has used in his classroom, and how he uses technology in the classroom.  I am also impressed that he has kept up with blogging even after ECMP 355 and as he is busy teaching this semester.  This is not a “classroom blog” per say, but it is a blog maintained by a teacher with education issues and current events in his classroom.


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