Standardized Testing Coming to Saskatchewan: Be informed!

Policy on testing adopted despite research evidence article

Here is an interesting article in regards to the standardized testing that will be implemented in Saskatchewan.  Education Minister Russ Marchuk says that ongoing assessment of learning with results communicated to teachers and students as soon as possible will improve student learning.  I think he has confused the terms assessment OF learning and assessment FOR learning. Research has shown that standardized testing (assessment of learning) depresses student learning while assessment for learning (classroom-based assessment) is a powerful strategy for improving student learning.  These standardized tests will be developed by 13 teachers in SK and based on provincial curriculum.  The new curriculum is inquiry-based and adaptable for locale…so how will standardized tests be accurate when the learning is relevant to individualized students and locale, and not based on trivial facts?

What are your thoughts?

Here is another article that shows there are Few Pluses to Standardized Tests.  The article shares that standardized testing robs students of their imagination, forces teachers to teach to the test, and that they usually only measure the transmission and recollection of facts.


One thought on “Standardized Testing Coming to Saskatchewan: Be informed!

  1. Thanks Kandace. This is the first time I have ‘read’ anything about the new standardized testing. I have heard about it and I know a lot of teachers are concerned.
    I like your blog theme by the way. Nice and bright. You rock!

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