Tons of Technology Tools!

The last couple ECMP classes have been presentations from my classmates, providing me with a brief 5 minute tutorial on a technology tool and how I could use it with students.  The tools I was introduced to today were:

Photo Story 3, Sliderocket, Kidblog, Pinterest, Photobucket, Dropbox, Wordle, Quizlet, flickr, Khan Academy, TED talks, and Twitter.  I felt as though this was just a quick introduction to these tools and I would have to sit down and spend more time teaching myself how to use these before I attempted them in my classroom, but at least now I am exposed to all these  resources!  I can definitely see myself using Sliderocket, Photostory 3, Kidblog, Khan Academy and TED talks in my future classroom.

  • I will use Sliderocket for portraying pictures and information as the teacher as well as let students use it for projects
  • I might use Photostory 3 for student’s to document their work during an experiment or discovery science lesson
  • I might set up my classes on Kidblog so students can showcase their work through a blog, post assignments or due dates, allow easy sharing of files and information, more convenient marking, and to enhance collaboration between students
  • I could use Khan Academy videos and exercises in my science classes or as a site to suggest to struggling students

Finally, I would like to share a really cool tool from the first week of presentations that I am excited to try in my classroom.  Remind101 really caught my attention because I could use it as a classroom teacher to remind students of important due dates, and send important messages if I forgot to say them during class.  I could also use this tool as a coach.  I have linked Kayla Galowitz’s tutuorial to this post so I don’t ever lose it because it is so helpful!  Remind101 Tutorial

Whatever technology tools I do not teach myself during this course, I can learn how I could them in my classroom this summer when I am preparing for teaching in the fall!


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