Regina Trek School

Today I had the opportunity to observe and participate in Regina’s Trek School Program for the afternoon!  Regina’s Trek School is run by Regina Public Schools and based out of Cochrane High School.  Trek School 2013 is a 3-credit program where students receive Physical Education 20 or 30 credit and then two of the following: Social Studies 20/30, Biology 20/30, Geography 20/30, or Journalism 20.  Trek School offers a unique experiential learning experience for grade 11 students for second semester in the afternoons only.  Trek school’s goals include inquiry-based learning, experiential learning, academic/emotional/physical challenge, student-centered.  To learn more about the philosophy of Trek School and the program, you can visit the website: Trek School

Yesterday, the focus was on Physical Education and we had a day trip to White Butte Ski Trails where we went cross country skiing.  I really enjoy this type of program because it integrates science, physical education, journalism, and geography through an authentic setting.  This cross-curricular way of teaching is so unique and I am glad I had a chance to experience this alternative school.  This might be something I am interested in doing or starting up when I am a teacher.


One thought on “Regina Trek School

  1. This Trek School idea is very interesting! I was intrigued from just watching the video and reading your blog! I think the cross-curricular aspect of the school is a step in the right direction for learning because the students are able to connect their subject material together as well as to real life. The students in the video looked like they were having a great time, all while learning! Sounds like an awesome idea to me!

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