E-Portfolio and Career Decisions

Miss Little’s Portfolio – link

This is a link to my online portfolio I started in my third year of university.  I have kept my e-portfolio updated and I handed out the URL on my business cards at the Education Expo on Monday, January 28.  I think that having a sample of my work online is very handy for potential employers to view.  I have linked this wordpress blogfolio to my e-portfolio as well because I am not quite sure what this one will end up looking like at the end of the semester and which one I want to use for my “portfolio”.  Last year I had to learn how to use Google Sites in order to make the portfolio and it was very user friendly!

The Education Expo was exciting, as I was able to set my eyes on my ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.  The only thing about getting job applications, resume, portfolio, cover letters, IPPs, ready to go is that’s all extra work on top of the 5 classes + homework I have!  The next big step in this process is the interviews to come in the next few months.  It’s all a little surreal and overwhelming…but in a good way.


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