Layering – Part 1

This video showed me some great ideas for making my SMART lesson by using the “layering strategy”. It shows how to do basic layering, as well as advanced layering using text reveal, reveal using eraser, pull tabs, and target reveal.

I found Milissa’s presentation on SMART boards to be useful, even as a post-internship student.  Although we’ve been exposed to SMART boards during our Education degree, I have had very minimal time to actually play around with the SMART board.  It just so happened that the schools I was at for pre-internship and internship did not have SMART boards in my classrooms either.  Prior to making my SMART lesson I had to watch tutorials to find out where important tools were and how to even create an interactive lesson.  It took me a long time to make my Chemistry 20 lesson, but I think I can actually use it next year for the first unit: Safety in the Lab/WHMIS.  I am not sure if I will use SMART lessons as my entire lesson in the classroom, or just to enhance it.  I think I have lots of options seems like a good “review” or “formative assessment” tool.


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