My learning curve so far…

The past week has been a huge learning curve for me with learning how to navigate word press and Google+.  I think I have mostly figured out the basic functions with word press, and how to post, edit and upload.  Learning a new program takes time, which is what I am finding out!  I found my educational article on Technology in the Classroom, but instead of having it show up on my main page as a post, I wanted it to be a page/link under “Education Articles” that I could click on.  Then I would do my summary and reflection right there on that page.  But I think I can only put a link under the Education Articles tab, and not all my text.  Therefore, I simply had to put my summary/reflection and link to my article all on my home page. If anyone knows how I could put all my text along WITH my article on a page under my “Education Articles” menu tab, your help would be greatly appreciated!

I have found that doing the Wednesday online classes are harder than I thought because I have no one to ask my questions to!  I really appreciate being in the classroom with a teacher and peers so that if I have questions, I can ask for face-to-face help.  It is somewhat frustrating to figure something out on your own, and when you have exhausted all your ideas for making something work, then you almost feel defeated.  Today I taught myself through videos a bit about Google+ and the basic uses of it.  I am glad I have Facebook background knowledge as it seems to be set up similarly.  I like how you can have circles of friends and share things with certain circles…that’s a step up from Facebook!  I haven’t found any of my friends on Google+ because I think it will be a while before people convert to it, but the idea of “hangouts” seems handy if dealing with an online group.  Again with any new tool I use, it takes time to figure out how to use it and I have spent more time than I anticipated doing the tasks today for class.  It’s hard to get things done quickly when you are learning something new and don’t have someone to ask in person!



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