50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

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Teaching Resources on Twitter!

Over the course of this semester, I have began using Twitter more and more and now I follow a few different educators/teaching resources I think will be a big help in my future.  I would just like to share a few with you and if anyone has others that they follow, they can comment on this post!

  • PE Scholar posts physical education news, lessons, unit plans, workouts, etc.  Here is a couple I might use in my future PE class:  Stunts & Tumbling Buffet  ,  Track & Field – Sprints and Jumps Circuit
  • Michelle Morley – tweets the latest in digital resources including presentations, good apps, professional development tools, web tools, current articles, etc.  Here is a useful article she tweeted:  4 Ways we can Connect with Parents
  • tes Teaching Resources – Twitter and Pinterest page connected where they have over 100 boards of education topics you can find pins for.  Lesson plans, behaviour management strategies, interactive activities, and so much more.  Visit their Pinterest board:  TES Teaching Resources
  • NatSciTeachAssoc @ NSTA.  The National Science Teachers Association: promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.  They tweet things at more of a national level and keep science teachers up to date with what is going on in science.  I would classify this as a place to inform teachers and maybe get some ideas, but I haven’t come across ready-to-use lessons.
  • WIRED Science – Science, space, energy and robot sharks with lasers. Hosted by the Wired Science team.  A lot of current, neat things that are going on in the world of science.  Visit:  WIRED Science

My LiveBinder of Science Teaching Resources

My LiveBinder of Science Teaching Resources

live binders link

For my ESCI 401 class, I needed to make a resource package for Science 10 specifically, but then with all the Web 2.0 Tools we learned about in this class, I decided to broaden my topic to included technology tools for teachers, general teaching resource websites, science apps, physics/biology/chemistry web resources as well.  I have simply compiled all my resources into a LiveBinder!  I have never used LiveBinder before, but it is very useful and user friendly. Great way to organize all the resources I have stumbled upon instead of using bookmarks in my browser.  I plan to share this link with my ESCI classmates and then they’ll have access to this forever too.

What Makes a Great Education Blog

mr averys blogThis classroom blog is a 6th grade class from Massachusetts and uses edublogs.  It was nominated Best Class Blog in 2001 and Best Educational Wiki in 2011.  This is a great blog because it is organized by tabs at the top.  If you click on the About tab, you can see many letters that have been written to Mr. Avery from students and other teachers all over the world who are networking with this classroom blog.  There is a tab at the top that is entitled Blog Guidelines that directly addresses what is expected of the students and guidelines to follow when they are posting.  Digital citizenship at it’s finest!  I am amazed at how updated this blog is kept and how much information is on it.  There are also side links to Mr. Avery’s classroom wiki, Global Connection, blogs he follows, twitter and much more!  This is a very project-based classroom blog it seems like with projects spanning from using instagram, chromebooks, global project, U.S. currency project, U.S. landmarks tours, and genius hour projects.


miss cassidys blog

Wow!  This is a classroom blog of a grade one classroom in Moose Jaw, SK.  I am so surprised that all the students have their own individual blog as well!  That is impressive that these students are developing those skills so young.  I guess it is never too early to start teaching them this sort of thing?  I like the way this blog is set up because it has the current news feed of what they are doing in the classroom, with links to more pictures and videos.  At the side, there are links to the class’s Twitter account, classes they learn with, parents section, and places they learn.  This is a pretty neat idea in that the parents can always know what their children are doing at school and what projects their kids are working on.  One thing that I am assuming would have to be run by the parents is the use of their child’s pictures and work on the internet?  _____________________________________________________________________________________________


You can check out Cole’s blog by clicking on the screenshot I have included.  Cole is a first year teacher who just finished his internship in December 2012.  He landed a job in Estevan while he is finishing up his last university class.  I think his blog is a great resource for myself (as he is one of my classmates) because he posts what he is currently trying in his classroom, what has worked and what has not, lessons he has used in his classroom, and how he uses technology in the classroom.  I am also impressed that he has kept up with blogging even after ECMP 355 and as he is busy teaching this semester.  This is not a “classroom blog” per say, but it is a blog maintained by a teacher with education issues and current events in his classroom.

101 Ways to Use Tagxedo

101 Ways to Use Tagxedo Google Presentation

I found this resource on Samantha Bloomfield’s blog as I was browsing my classmate’s blogs.  I wanted to have it on my blog, so I took the address and linked it as a post on my blog!  When I first learned about Tagxedo, I did NOT know you could do all these things with it!  It has endless capabilities, so I encourage you to check out the Google presentation for ideas in the classroom!

N.E.S.D. Current Practices

Over reading week, I interviewed my brother who is a teacher in the North East School Division for a research project in my ESCI class.  I put my new knowledge of Prezi to the test by making this presentation of my findings.  Check out what another school division is doing in regards to no-zero policy, rewrites of exams, mandatory grading rubrics, TPM, and student-led conferences in replacement of parent-teacher interviews!

NESD picture

Internship Resources

Internship Resources

I just stumbled across this in my emails, and thought I would share this great resource tool.  I cannot take any credit for it, as it was created by Aaron Warner for the Education Student’s Society PD Event – Life as an Intern that I attended last year.  Has links for curriculum, assessment, technology, brain breaks, many subjects, differentiation and more! If you want a central place for these links, this is a good start.

Standardized Testing Coming to Saskatchewan: Be informed!

Policy on testing adopted despite research evidence article

Here is an interesting article in regards to the standardized testing that will be implemented in Saskatchewan.  Education Minister Russ Marchuk says that ongoing assessment of learning with results communicated to teachers and students as soon as possible will improve student learning.  I think he has confused the terms assessment OF learning and assessment FOR learning. Research has shown that standardized testing (assessment of learning) depresses student learning while assessment for learning (classroom-based assessment) is a powerful strategy for improving student learning.  These standardized tests will be developed by 13 teachers in SK and based on provincial curriculum.  The new curriculum is inquiry-based and adaptable for locale…so how will standardized tests be accurate when the learning is relevant to individualized students and locale, and not based on trivial facts?

What are your thoughts?

Here is another article that shows there are Few Pluses to Standardized Tests.  The article shares that standardized testing robs students of their imagination, forces teachers to teach to the test, and that they usually only measure the transmission and recollection of facts.

My Newest Blog – Trek School Experience

My Newest Blog – Trek School Experience

Using my newly-gained technology skills this semester, I decided to make a word press blog for one  of my assignments in my ESCI 401 class.  This “action” project involves the observation and reflection on Regina Trek school and the relation to me as a teacher.  Since science and physical education are my two areas of study, I found the Trek School very intriguing. 

Tons of Technology Tools!

The last couple ECMP classes have been presentations from my classmates, providing me with a brief 5 minute tutorial on a technology tool and how I could use it with students.  The tools I was introduced to today were:

Photo Story 3, Sliderocket, Kidblog, Pinterest, Photobucket, Dropbox, Wordle, Quizlet, flickr, Khan Academy, TED talks, and Twitter.  I felt as though this was just a quick introduction to these tools and I would have to sit down and spend more time teaching myself how to use these before I attempted them in my classroom, but at least now I am exposed to all these  resources!  I can definitely see myself using Sliderocket, Photostory 3, Kidblog, Khan Academy and TED talks in my future classroom.

  • I will use Sliderocket for portraying pictures and information as the teacher as well as let students use it for projects
  • I might use Photostory 3 for student’s to document their work during an experiment or discovery science lesson
  • I might set up my classes on Kidblog so students can showcase their work through a blog, post assignments or due dates, allow easy sharing of files and information, more convenient marking, and to enhance collaboration between students
  • I could use Khan Academy videos and exercises in my science classes or as a site to suggest to struggling students

Finally, I would like to share a really cool tool from the first week of presentations that I am excited to try in my classroom.  Remind101 really caught my attention because I could use it as a classroom teacher to remind students of important due dates, and send important messages if I forgot to say them during class.  I could also use this tool as a coach.  I have linked Kayla Galowitz’s tutuorial to this post so I don’t ever lose it because it is so helpful!  Remind101 Tutorial

Whatever technology tools I do not teach myself during this course, I can learn how I could them in my classroom this summer when I am preparing for teaching in the fall!